• Accommodates varying finger sizes
  • Loaded with accessories
  • Accurate and Reliable
  • SpO2 and Pulse Rate faces the user
  • Automatic shut off.


Instruments that not only increase lung capacity but also improve endurance, motor skills, strengthen breathing muscles, and rehabilitate breathing for those who need a lot of breathing through inspiratory muscle training. ◦ Inlet muscle strengthening device that strengthens the diaphragm by inducing abdominal breathing to increase lung capacity ◦ Improving athletic ability and cardiopulmonary endurance can improve the ability of exercise that requires a lot of breathing, such as marathon, basketball, soccer, swimming, and mountain climbing. – Used for sports training such as marathon, swimming, soccer, etc. – Increases exercise effectiveness when dieting – Strengthen lung capacity through respiratory muscle exercise – Strengthen vocal and vocal capacity by strengthening lung capacity ◦ How much breathing you take in in a short time determines your breathing volume. Through steady training, you can breathe in a lot at once to help you release your voice in a stable manner.