Fractional Exhaled Nitric Oxide (FeNO)

See inflammation more clearly with the NIOX VERO for accurate FeNO testing. FeNO stands for fractional exhaled nitric oxide (NO). NO is a molecule produced by the lungs that can be measured in exhaled breath. Currently, asthma is misdiagnosed half of the time and with a raised FeNO level, asthma diagnosis is 7x more likely.1,2. Asthma can also be managed better utilizing FeNO because a high level indicates greater risk of exacerbation. Using FeNO testing as your asthma risk estimator can help reduce exacerbations by up to 50%.3



A FeNO test is quick and easy to perform with an electrochemical device. Some devices, like NIOX VERO® from Circassia, are equipped with a breathing handle that filters out any nitric oxide present in the air. This ensures an accurate and reliable result. After inhaling through the handle, the patient exhales steadily for 10 seconds. Visuals on a screen help the patient to exhale at the right air flow rate. The device analyses the exhaled breath and around one minute later, the result is displayed on the screen.